The Nap Strap™

The perfect car seat companion for sleeping children

The Nap Strap™ is South Africa’s first and only car seat head support strap for children. It’s been designed with comfort and style in mind.

When creating The Nap Strap™, we’ve taken as much care with the packaging as we have the strap itself. Small details such as the thread count we used, the design of the fabric, the quality of the elastic and the Velcro are all of paramount importance to us making this product exceptional and most exciting – it’s affordable!

This is not a product that is mass produced. Each Nap Strap™ is handmade right here in Cape Town South Africa. It’s made entirely of soft materials and sewn with love and attention to detail. Each strap is individually cut, assembled and then beautifully packaged with a hand tied satin ribbon.

Our goal is to provide children with the comfort they deserve when napping in the car and parents piece of mind that their child’s head is well supported so that they can concentrate on the most important thing – driving themselves and the family safely to their destination without the distraction of holding up drooping heads.

We wanted The Nap Strap™ to have a ‘high-end’ look and feel, but at the same time keep it affordable so that every child can enjoy one.

Our easy online-store makes The Nap Strap™ accessible and convenient to purchase anywhere in South Africa.

We’re confident that you will be impressed and satisfied with your purchase, so let us help you make your child’s nap time car rides comfortable and enjoyable.

We deliver Nationwide, throughout South Africa.

*The Nap Strap name and design is Trade Marked*