The Nap Strap™ – Features

How To Use Your Nap Strap™

Getting Started:  

Place The Nap Strap™ around the upper portion of the car seat with the elastic band looping behind the seat. The Velcro portion of The Nap Strap™ should be at the side of the car seat for easy access. Stick the Velcro and make sure it’s sitting snug this will ensure the Nap Strap stays in place. Once you are satisfied with the tension, move the front fabric cotton pad section of the nap strap upwards to rest in ‘waiting position’ on the top of the car seat.

To Use: 

Once the child falls asleep, make sure they are sitting in an upright position and simply slide The Nap Strap™ down across the forehead.  Fasten the Velcro if necessary to ensure a snug fit. Centre fabric cotton pad on child’s forehead. The strap should be level with the forehead. It may be touching the child but should not be too tight. Now you can travel with ease knowing your child will sleep comfortably.

Care Instructions:  

Machine wash on a cold gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Lay flat to dry.

Please Note:

  • Do not leave your child unsupervised in your vehicle at anytime or unsupervised with The Nap Strap™ in use.
  • Please note that The Nap Strap™ is not a safety device. It is intended as a car seat accessory for comfort only and is not designed to provide any protection or safety in the event of impact.
  • Only position The Nap Strap™ when the car is safely parked, in a stationary position and in a safe area. You could either reach back to position it correctly or alternatively get out the car and reach through the open rear window or through the open door.