Our Story

The Story behind The Nap Strap™

We are a mother and daughter duo who have always been fortunate to work alongside each other and developed our spirit of entrepreneurship together. We have always been passionate about creating beautiful unique items and providing exceptional customer service.

After our family welcomed little Andrew into our world, we did everything we could to educated ourselves on the latest baby trends and products as any newbie Nan and Aunty would. While driving home with a sleeping toddler on board – after a day filled with boyish adventure, we noticed that Andrew’s little head kept flopping forward as he attempted to sleep. Each time we approached a red robot, his head would flop forward causing him to wake up startled. We then had to support his head until we got home.

After doing all the necessary checks to make sure the car seat was correct etc, the research began. We soon realised that this was a common occurrence and that slumping can’t always be corrected as it comes down to the child, the type of child restraint, the angle of the vehicle seat and even the driving technique. We soon recognised that there was a gap in the South African market for a product to help support little droopy heads in the car and so our journey began…

Our passion for creativity soon came in handy as we put our heads together to design and manufacture everything from the packaging, instruction booklet to the Nap Strap itself. We feel very fortunate to have our passion turn into an opportunity.

We pride ourselves on the fact that as we continue to grow our brand and product, we are able to grow and develop as individuals too.

We encourage you to never stop looking for the inspiration you need to allow yourself to follow your dreams….