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The Nap Strap™ – Pink WigWam

The perfect car seat companion for sleeping children

Does your child’s head nod or roll around while they’re asleep in their car seat?

Do you constantly reach back to hold or support your child’s head when you break or go around corners?

Well we’ve got the solution for you.

 The Nap Strap™

This innovative car seat head support strap is the perfect solution for heavy heads during nap time car rides.

Made completely of soft materials and elastic, it’s designed to provide comfort and support without restricting your child’s natural movement.

The Nap Strap™ is looped around the top of the car seat, resting on your child’s forehead, holding up your toddler’s head while they nap.

It’s conveniently positioned side Velcro closure makes it easy to secure correctly without having to awkwardly reach behind the seat. The Nap Strap’s elastic and Velcro closure also allows for a universal fit on most front and rear facing car seats making it the perfect car seat accessory.

Please note that The Nap Strap™ is intended and designed as a car seat accessory to provide comfort and support only and is not designed to provide any protection or safety in the event of impact.

Do not leave your child unsupervised in your vehicle at anytime or unsupervised with The Nap Strap™ in use.

The Pink WigWam Nap Strap™ Features:

      • Handmade in Cape Town, South Africa
      • Available in modern colours and designs
      • Relieves possible neck strain
      • Made of 100% Cotton front and a luxurious 300 thread count Percale Cotton backing
      • Machine washable
      • Designed for children between 1 (one) and 6 (six) years

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

100% Cotton, 300 Thread Count Percale Cotton, Velcro, Elastic


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